About NannyPay Payroll Software

Essentia Software Corporation, a technology business founded in 1996, focuses its core business activities in the creation of innovative solutions for the unique problems of small businesses and domestic employers of nannies, babysitters, care providers, elder care givers, nurses, and other domestic help. The company and its acclaimed NannyPay® software program have been featured nationally on CNN television and written about in publications such as the New York Times, Business Week and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. The company is located in suburban Philadelphia.

about nannypay

I do appreciate the product. It makes my life easier and is worth the expense.

Kevin M., Michigan

NannyPay is a fantastic product and was a huge help to me during my employment of a nanny. I highly recommend it.

Debra M., Florida

I’ve used your [software] for close to two years and love it.

Katie W., Colorado

The software works wonderfully.  It was easy to use and the withholding calculations were accurate.

Nathan S., North Carolina

I have had a subscription to NannyPay software for many years, and it has been very helpful.

Linda B., Maryland

Thanks for creating an easy-to-use software!!

Meaghan B., California

The software is great!

Karen F., Georgia

Love the product.  Simple, easy and affordable.

Stephen N., Pennsylvania