The Best Nanny Tax Calculator

Are you looking for a free nanny tax calculator? There are dozens of online calculators to choose from, but buyer beware.  Accuracy is not a given, especially when ‘free’ is in the name. Let us explain.

A household tax calculator is not a “one-and-done” tool.  The tax tables associated with the tax calculators require frequent updating. Each calendar year, and sometimes more frequently, the federal and state household employer tax rates may change. Be careful though, not every state updates its rates each year so it can be tricky to know if you have the latest tax tables. Using a calculator that is not current may cost you and your employee when filing tax returns and other reporting documents.

Nanny Tax Calculator

Good news though, NannyPay offers a low-cost and up-to-date software solution for calculating nanny taxes and preparing annual Form W-2s and Schedule H (up to 3 employees at no additional cost). The NannyPay calculator (with forms) costs LESS THAN $200/year. Most companies will charge you $100 just to prepare a Schedule H, making NannyPay an excellent cost-effective solution. 

NannyPay is more than Just A Tax Calculator

NannyPay is more than just a tax calculator for nannies. It can be used by any household that directly employs a nanny, caregiver or other staff member.  Your 365-day subscription includes:

  • Frequently updated Tax Tables – State and Federal
  • Gross and Net Pay Calculators
  • Hourly or Salary Compatible 
  • Up to 3 Household Employees (more if you need it)
  • Federal Schedule H
  • Federal Form W-2 and W-3
  • Check printing capability
  • Easy to Use Set-Up 
  • First Time Household Employer Quick Guide

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