NannyPay2 Desktop
 NannyPay Cloud 
Keeps you compliant with “nanny tax” laws for less money $$$
Easy to Understand Household Employer’s Guide
Set up walks you through the initial payroll setup process
Calculates all federal and state income, Social Security, Medicare, and other payroll taxes
Tracks non-taxable and taxable payments or deductions
(e.g., health insurance, 401K, or mileage reimbursements)
Generates signature-ready Schedule H (Household Employers)
for your tax return (no added fees)
Prints plain paper Forms W-2 and W-3 (no forms to buy, no added fees)
Generates detailed plain-paper pay stubs
(no need to purchase expensive check stock)
Optional check printing capabilities
Comprehensive reporting features
User-configured backups
Tax Table and Application Updates must be downloaded
and installed by User
All OS types including Chromebook OS and Linux
Secure maintenance of payroll data on the “cloud”
Automatic daily cloud backups
Accessible on tablet and Chrome computers
Accessible from any location or device by multiple users
Automatic Tax Table and Application Updates