NannyPay2 is a powerful but simple payroll solution for household employers. NannyPay2 supports all fifty states and federal income tax withholdings. It will also generate withholding and liability reports, and print form W-2s, W-3s and federal Schedule-H. NannyPay2 is available on a one-year subscription basis. In addition to its payroll features, NannyPay2 includes a comprehensive Employer’s Guide written by payroll professionals with first-hand expertise in complying with Nanny Tax Laws. NannyPay2’s Employer’s Guide is written in plain English and outlines four easy steps to tax compliance.

NannyPay2 comes in two versions: NannyPay2 for Windows and NannyPay2 for Mac. NannyPay2 calculates all federal and state income tax withholding and prints either a pay stub or check/paystub and provides customized reporting. NannyPay2 is perfect whether you employ just one or more employees. Eldercare employers will also find NannyPay2 suitable for their multiple employee requirements. Doing it yourself with NannyPay2 is the most cost-effective solution available for household employers.

For less than $17.00 per month, NannyPay2 will save you hundreds of dollars every year over payroll services, many of which cost upwards of $700 or more a year. A basic annual NannyPay2 subscription for up to three employees costs under $200.00 per year. A license for up to 10 employees costs only $199.95 per year. Annual subscriptions (365 days) include access to all tax table and application updates. Annual subscriptions are calculated from the date of purchase.

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*NannyPay2 is compatible with Nelco payroll checks L81064P. Visit Nelco to order checks.