ESC Software Corporation Refer a Friend Program

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are subject to these definitions:

(1) “ESC” shall refer to Essentia Software Corporation.

(2) “NannyPay” shall refer to both “NannyPay” and “NannyPay Staff Edition”

(3) “Referer” shall mean a current NannyPay customer who refers a new customer to Essentia Software Corporation

(4) “Referee” shall mean a new customer referred to Essentia Software Corporation by the Referer.

ESC’s “Refer a Friend” offer applies only to the purchase of new annual subscriptions to NannyPay software by a Referee. Referrers must have an existing, paid annual subscription to NannyPay at the time the referral is made. Referrers will not receive Refer-a-Friend credit for Referees who purchase a subscription to NannyPay through agencies and/or through affiliate websites. Your Referee must download a trial copy of NannyPay and purchase a NannyPay 12-month subscription before Referrer or Referee is eligible to receive free month credits. Referees who purchase a NannyPay 30-day NannyPay license are not eligible for Refer a Friend awards.

By referring individuals to NannyPay the Referer agrees to the following specific terms and conditions:

(1) The Refer a Friend program is subject to ESC’s NannyPay software license and Privacy Policy;

(2) The Referrer must be a current NannyPay customer with a current NannyPay 12-month subscription;

(3) The Referee must be an entirely new customer of ESC;

(4) The Referee must download and purchase a 12-month subscription to NannyPay;

(5) Upon verification of a qualifying purchase by a new Referee, the Referrer will receive, via email, a new registration key that will extend her original, 12-month NannyPay subscription by three months from the original date of purchase. For example, a Referrer whose subscription would expire on April 3rd would receive a new registration key to extend her subscription to July 3rd;

(6) Upon purchasing a new 12-month subscription to NannyPay, the Referee will receive a new registration key that will extend her new 12-month subscription to the end of the 13th month following the original date of purchase. For example, if the Referee’s date of purchase was September 1, her subscription will be extended to October 1 of the following calendar year;

(7) Free months earned from the Refer a Friend program cannot be combined with any other offer or discount;

(8) Free months earned from the Refer a Friend program have no cash value, are non-refundable and non-transferable;

(9) Other terms and conditions may apply. NannyPay prices may change without notice;

(10) The Refer a Friend program is void in any jurisdiction where prohibited.

PLEASE NOTE: The Refer a Friend program is intended for use by NannyPay customers to refer family and friends. ESC does not tolerate spamming of any kind for any reason. Any misuse of this Program may result in the forfeiture of free months awarded to Referrers or Referee(s).