What’s the Difference Between Desktop and Cloud?

NannyPay Comparison Chart

I do appreciate the product. It makes my life easier and is worth the expense.

Kevin M., Michigan

NannyPay is a fantastic product and was a huge help to me during my employment of a nanny. I highly recommend it.

Debra M., Florida

I’ve used your [software] for close to two years and love it.

Katie W., Colorado

The software works wonderfully.Β  It was easy to use and the withholding calculations were accurate.

Nathan S., North Carolina

I have had a subscription to NannyPay software for many years, and it has been very helpful.

Linda B., Maryland

Thanks for creating an easy-to-use software!!

Meaghan B., California

The software is great!

Karen F., Georgia

Love the product.Β  Simple, easy and affordable.

Stephen N., Pennsylvania