Heading Back to Work Post-Baby

As a new parent, it can be difficult preparing to go back to work after the arrival of your baby. Eventually, the time comes when you have to go back into the office, or for those working remotely, log back on and sit through Zoom meetings for a majority of your days. 

Whether you are commuting into the office or working from home, having an extra set of hands is always a good idea to make sure that your child is getting the proper care they need, even if you can’t be available all the time. The process of finding a nanny is not always easy, but utilizing these tips can help ease the stress you may feel during your search. 

Develop a Pre-Nanny Plan

A great initial step is to fully understand your schedule, so you can hire someone who can adhere to that. Whether you are a single parent or have a partner, you’ll want to think about your schedule and/or your partner’s daily routine along with any other weekly obligations you have. Write down a tentative schedule that you can give the potential nanny during the interview process. You can do this by mapping out your schedule on a printed or digital calendar, or purchase a notebook and planner where you can make notes. 

In addition to a schedule, figure out what expectations you have. Do you expect your nanny to do laundry, grocery shop, and/or clean the house? Make a list of what you’d like them to do and have it prepared for when you interview them. Along with that list, you can also jot down the nanny’s expectations during the interview. 

Depending on the period of time you plan on having a nanny, you’ll want to figure out how you will be tackling payments. Figure out your different payment options, and make sure to perform some online research to determine what options are best with your lifestyle. Some ways you could pay for your nanny would be cash, checks, a personal loan, or using a personal line of credit. Research and see what is better for your situation. Remember, depending on how much you are looking to pay your nanny and how much you’ll have to pay in taxes once you decide their salary, weigh what avenue would be best for you. 

Since you will now be considered a household employer, think about getting a nanny payroll software so you can stay organized when it comes to payments and taxes. This way, you’ll never have to worry about missing a payday for your nanny, and it can take away extra stress you may be feeling when trying to juggle work and family life. 

Ask for Referrals 

Now that you have your pre-nanny planning done, it is time to get started on your search. If you are new to having a nanny, the first step would be to ask for referrals. If you have a tight-knit neighborhood or friend group, see if anyone has recommendations on people you could hire. Maybe you have family members who have used someone in the past who they really liked. Talk to them and see if they would recommend that person for your situation. 

Another idea would be to ask families if their nanny has anyone they could recommend. This is also a great way to get extra intel on your potential nanny. It will give you the ability to learn more about them before reaching out.  

Interview Potential Nannies 

Once you have a name, their contact information, and some context into their experience and expertise, plan on setting up an interview with your potential nanny candidates. This can be an informal in-person or Zoom interview. This is where you can get to know them on a personal level. Here you should ask for their experience, qualifications, if they can drive, what they expect out of the job, what you expect from them, their hours, and pay expectations. 

Depending on how well the interview goes, ask if they have other references aside from the person who referred them to you. This will give you a better scope of what you can expect from them.

Introduce Nanny to Your Baby and Home

If you think you’ve found your perfect nanny, invite them over to your home to meet your child and to get a house tour. This could be through a casual lunch or a play date! It’s a good idea to devote this time to see how your child and nanny interact with one another, and it is a smart way for all of you to become comfortable with one another. 

During this time, if all is going well with the nanny and your child, walk them around to show them how your house operates. Touch on where the baby supplies are, and walk them through daily routines. Some main things you’ll want to point out include where they can find bottles, frozen milk, formula, and pacifiers. You will also want to walk them around the nursery so they can easily navigate the daily tasks they’ll have to take on. If you do onboard your nanny, it could be beneficial to have a first-day checklist.

Stay Connected With Your Nanny

As a new parent, it can be hard being away from your little one. Strive to stay connected with your nanny throughout the day. You can do this by scheduling timely check-ins where the nanny can send you updates on how the day is going. Make sure that you always have a way to communicate, and remind them to have their phone charged and sound on just in case you call throughout the day. As a parent, you know it can be very nerve-racking to leave a baby or toddler for more than a couple of hours, so don’t be afraid to remind your nanny of the importance of communication to ease your mind. 

Lastly, think about purchasing a nanny planner to take notes, so you can jot down daily tasks you would like them to complete. You could also include any other tips you feel they need to take on the day with your child. When you get home at the end of the day, you can review any notes or comments the nanny had. Receiving updates and having a planner are great ways to stay and feel connected while you are away working. 

After taking these steps, you will feel confident about going back to work knowing your little one is in good hands.