Finding a Nanny for the Summer

After what seemed like a never-ending winter, summer may have completely snuck up on you! School’s out, camps are filled, and you haven’t yet secured someone to watch the kids.  No need to worry – there’s still time to find a great nanny!

Tips on Catching the Perfect Summer Nanny or Babysitter for Your Family

Referrals. Personal recommendations are always a great option. Since the people you are asking know your family, they can help make a great match. Talk to your neighbors, local family and friends to see who they’ve used and liked. You’ll get the inside scoop on your potential nanny and will easily be able to find someone reliable.   

Facebook groups.  Pose the question to the local groups where you are already a member. Not yet in any groups? Some groups to search for include your child’s school, your township, and local babysitting groups.

Local colleges and high schools.  Often both campuses have job boards where you can post. It’s also worth contacting the guidance counselor’s office at your local high school to if they have any students inquiring about nanny jobs, and check with the early education department at your local college.  

Paying your Nanny

Rates will differ depending on the age and experience of your nanny.  But no matter what, you’ll most likely be paying the ‘Nanny Tax.’

As of 2024, if a person or family pays $2,700 or more in cash wages to a household employee, they must also withhold and pay Medicare and Social Security taxes for this employee (FICA), as well as federal unemployment taxes (FUTA). The combination of these taxes is commonly known as the ‘Nanny Tax’.

The ‘Nanny Tax’ is not only the legal route to take, but it also allows your nanny to build a verifiable wage and credit history and may make them eligible for worker’s compensation and disability protection, as well as unemployment benefits. Find out more here.

Let’s say you hire a nanny for 25 hours per week and pay her $13.50 an hour.  Over the course of eight weeks, you will owe her $2,700 which means you will also owe taxes.

Paying the ‘Nanny Tax’

Not sure how to track your nanny’s wages or calculate how much you’ll owe?  NannyPay can help make the process easier, saving you time and money! NannyPay is a DIY payroll software that makes it easy to track the wages you pay to your nanny or other domestic employees.  For just $199.99 per year (for up to 3 employees), NannyPay calculates the appropriate withholding taxes, and will even generate year-end IRS Forms W2/W3 and a Schedule H, the forms most household employees must file to report and pay their federal employment taxes each year.

Happy summer and good luck with your nanny search!

Finding a Nanny for the Summer