Hiring a Caregiver For a Loved One

Hiring a Caregiver For a Loved One The holidays are almost here, which means you’ll be spending a lot of time with your family, including your aging parents. So, when you are visiting them, you will have an opportunity to see how they are doing in terms of overall health, safety, and quality of life. If you notice any red flags that indicate your elderly loved one is unable to take care of themselves and their surroundings (disheveled clothes, poor hygiene, spoiled food, unpaid bills, etc.), it may be time for some additional assistance. Important Signs that Your Loved [...]

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Hiring a Nanny for Your Autistic Child

Experienced Nannies for Autistic Children You may feel a little anxious about leaving your autistic child in the care of a nanny.  While this is normal, it is important to remember there are many nannies who have experience working with special needs children who would love to build a special relationship with your child. Knowing what to look for in a nanny and where to find one will help your family find the perfect match, and put your mind at ease.  The National Institute of Health defines Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as a developmental disorder that affects communication and [...]

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Using an Agency vs. Independent Caregiver

Hiring Household Employees: Caregiving Agency vs. Independent Caregiver Life has gotten busy, and you’ve determined that your household could really use another set of hands. Whether you’re searching for a nanny, elder caregiver, maid, gardener, or another household employee, there are a couple of ways to go about it. Not sure if you should use an agency to provide additional help or hire somebody directly on your own? Here are some things to think about.  Using an Agency Pros: You’ll save time.  Using an agency will take care of the hiring process for you. Finding a household employee, getting [...]

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Before you write that check, conduct a background check

Conducting a Background Check on your Nanny One of our biggest worries when it comes to our loved ones is keeping them safe.  It’s hard for little ones and some seniors to communicate exactly what is happening in the home when you are not there. Whether you are leaving your children alone with a nanny or hiring an elder caregiver to take care of an aging parent, you’ll want to know they are in good, trustworthy and capable hands. After extensive interviews and meetings with your potential nanny/caregiver, you find someone who you feel comfortable with and who seems like [...]

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Hiring a Caregiver For Your Aging Parents

Securing Home Caregivers for Parents Your parents were there to take care of you as your grew up, but now the roles have reversed and they need you to care for them. While many seniors are mentally and physically capable of caring for themselves, others might suffer from issues that may limit their mobility or their ability to live on their own. As much as you'd like to tend to their every need, it's often impossible to do so, especially if you work full-time or have a family of your own to take care of. In these cases, having a [...]

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Do You Have a Household Employee?

Defining Household Employees A household employee refers to someone who receives wages in return for providing a service within their employer’s residence. According to the IRS, if you control what work is done by the worker and how it is done, that worker will be considered your employee. Work done in or around your residence is considered household work. The following types of workers are typically treated as household employees for employment tax purposes: Nannies Babysitters (with some exceptions) Eldercare providers or elder caregivers Private nurses Health aides Housekeepers or house cleaners (but not independent cleaning companies) Drivers or [...]

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Interview Questions for Hiring a Nanny

Asking the Right Interview Questions of your Nanny Candidates As you search for a nanny that’s the right fit for your family, it’s important to have a solid set of interview questions on hand. These questions can help you learn more information about the individuals that you’re interviewing to determine if they’re a good fit for your family while  filtering out candidates that are not. As you interview caregivers, consider the following ideas for questions: How Do You Keep Up with Professional Development? Ask your potential nanny how they keep up with their professional development. This is a key [...]

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Questions To Ask a Potential Nanny 

How to Interview Nanny Candidates When hiring a new nanny, clearly, you don't want to take any chances. Before hiring a nanny, it is vital to ask several questions, some uncomfortable ones. Good interview questions may provide insights to the nanny’s abilities and demeanor. To make the task simple here are a few nanny interview questions which you may consider before you hire. Experience and Training • How long have you been a nanny? • How old were the children you cared for? • Do you have any formal early childhood development or childcare training? • Would you be willing to take classes [...]

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Paying A Nanny

Your Nanny is your Employee: Pay Accordingly When you first employ a nanny, you might at first be confused about the process of paying them legally, and if you called for a quote from a nanny payroll service, you will probably be surprised at the cost. But you have a number of choices to handle payroll, and they differ in various ways, such as payment means, time investment, cost of service, etc. Let’s consider the nanny payroll alternatives in a bit more detail. Pay Under the Table This is a poor choice for your nanny and illegal for you [...]

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Write It Down – What I’ve Learned Hiring My First Nanny

Get it on Paper - Lessons Learned from a Nanny Hindsight is always 20/20 and even the most organized well intended parent is going to have some ups and downs hiring a nanny for the first time. After a year+ with my nanny as a first-time mom there are some things I’ve learned. The most important suggestion I can make whether you are going through an agency who will guide you or not is to write everything down. Whether it’s a contract or basic written communication, when it’s written down it is less likely to be forgotten or misinterpreted. [...]

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