Summertime means Nanny Camp

It’s the summer… you may or may not be taking a vacation. For some you many choose to bring your nanny others may choose to give time off.

What if there was a Nanny Camp?

Ok well maybe not a real camp, but a chance for you to invest in your employee and take full advantage this time when you kids are with you! Think about it… many successful businesses live by the motto – invest in your employees to invest in your company. It works the same way with your household employees. Take care of them and they take care of you.

How many parenting classes, workshops, programs, online courses, cooking classes, yoga sessions are available to parents? Don’t you think it would be beneficial for your nanny to learn a new skills or sharpen an old skill, better yet just take a break?

As a former nanny and current employer here is my idea of a 5 day Nanny Camp week, paid of course!

Summer Camp for Nannies

Schedule of Events:

Day One: Sleep In. Take care of your personal matters, appointments and errands – all for you.
Day Two: Yoga Class at 9-10:30AM, Lunch with a friend ($25 gift card) and 1-on-1 Cooking Class at 2-5PM at our house.
Day Three: Online Course (something relevant to your family and needs)
Day Four: Online Course (something relevant to your family and needs)
Day Five: Read and find helpful articles, activities and recipes for rest of summer (magazines provided) then a Spa Treatment at 2PM then take the rest of the day off!


Day One: 1 Paid Vacation Day – You know these are the best!
Day Two: Yoga Class $10, Lunch ($25 gift card), 1-on-1 Cooking Class $150
Day Three: Online Course $75
Day Four: Online Course $75
Day Five: Magazines provided $20, Spa Treatment $75

Approximate Out of Pocket Cost: $430.00 + the 1 week of pay

Now of course this is just an idea and suggestion but image if you were in your care giver’s shoes what would you like to be rejuvenated, educated and ready for the kids return?

– Kristin Kane Ford
Guest Blogger, Former Nanny & Parker’s Mom

Nanny Camp