Emergency Contact BabysitterHoping for the Best but always Prepared for an Emergency

As a Mom and a former nanny – my biggest fear is what if there is an emergency! I fully understand you cannot keep kids in a bubble or protect them from everything… but I do know you can be prepared.

Today’s Technology Prepares Nanny’s for an Emergency

Thanks to technology (when I was a nanny it was a laminated paper) and use of smartphones – help can be just a click away. I am able to keep all relevant medical information and contacts in an online secure document for my husband and I to access or even the nanny or weekend babysitter. I also I have an active link to the Dr’s Office website and phone number and even links to how to perform CPR. Let’s face it in a moment of panic searching for a decent refresher is wasting precious time.

During the on-boarding process we took the extra step to have a sit down meeting to review the entire document, ask our nanny questions and let her ask us questions. We provide a printed document and extras for on the go in case cell service is not available.

As for the bumps and bruises – we always make sure we have our mini first aid kit handy with Spider Man and his superhero friends bandages close by.

At least for now I don’t have to worry do they have the medical information? Do they remember his primary doctor, last shots, allergies? What if they cannot get a hold of me or my husband? There is so much to remember as a parent let alone leaving the responsibility to another. So make it as easy as possible for the care taker.

Just In Case – Preparing for an Emergency