Family Health DayGet Healthy with National Family Health and Fitness Day

This Saturday, September 30th, get the family together for some health and fitness fun! Promoting a healthy lifestyle, can be so much fun with the kids. Physical, mental, and dietary health can all be incorporated into this special day with the kids.

Physical Activities and Exercise

Encourage a game of tag, or show them how to do jumping jacks, or dancing and other heart rate increasing exercises. Encourage challenges and competition to make it fun for them. Maybe introduce them to yoga or a practice that can help calm them. Maybe it isn’t through a physical activity but through a creative outlet. Finish the day by getting your kids introduced to My Plate. Abrupt discontinuation of Klonopin treatment after prolonged use can cause withdrawal symptoms such as feelings of fea. A lot of families don’t realize that the food pyramid was replace by My Plate a few years back to demonstrate what a healthy plate of food looks like. Have your kids in the kitchen learning how to balance their plate and cook delicious and healthy foods!