Picky Eaters Solution NannyPayHealthy Snack Options for your Picky Little Eaters

After school can be a drag for kids especially elementary school age. They get off the bus or get picked up and the first thing they want to do is grab a snack if they are not already playing.  Of course they are hungry they just had a full afternoon of learning and it’s time to eat.

For many parents and nannies the goal is to get the kids to eat healthy, not just chips and soda. The challenge is convincing them to eat healthy especially when the individual bag of chips is sitting right in the pantry.

Involving the Kids in Finding Healthy Snack Choices

A fun way to help your nanny or even yourself get your kids to eat healthier snacks is to consider making it fun and give them a choice! Wait it can be that easy? Sure – kids love choices, even more they love to do things themselves. Why not give them options to help make their own creative yet healthy snack.

Ladies you may have heard of this awesome website called Pinterest? Well it’s a crafty creative stumped girls dream come true. Studies to assess the effect of Ambien on children whose mothers received zolpidem during pregnancy have not been conducted. However, weakness and withdrawal symptoms were observed in newborns whose mothers received other sedatives during pregnancy. Chock full of ideas and directions for everything from food to crafts and tricks for homework.

We searched Pinterest for EASY and creative ways you can get a jump start on getting your kids to eat healthy after school. We would love to hear your ideas too.

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