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What do you do when you and/or your spouse get home from work right as you should be sitting down to eat dinner? Does the nanny prep the dinner, eat later and you quickly put something together or do you order take out?

Over a decade ago I was the nanny that had to do the cooking – I did it and had a blast but I had no experience and I am not even sure it was even good. The Mom was great at being prepared during the week in making sure she had the necessary food for dinner or leave me money and a list to pick it up. The kids and I would call it a field trip and a chance to get out. She often would write out the recipe cooking times etc. All I know is it seemed like a lot of work for her and not a fun way to spend the weekend.

That got me thinking… what would I do when I had a family and was working? What do other parents do? All I knew is I would have to be super organized, shop on the weekend and make sure my nanny was capable of cooking chicken better than me.

Benefits of Planned, Healthy, Nutritious Dinners

Fast forward to today and I am a working Mom and now I have a new option. I am think someone else must have been thinking the same thing back then, because now you can dinner have it delivered to your door.  But it’s not the take out concept. It is a planned dinner for the number of people eating with pre-portioned ingredients with a recipe card and full step by step instructions with photos. Now even a novice can cook an amazing meal. For example, they may cross the road without observing the rules or walk along the edge of the roof without fear of height. Read more about it on . Gone are the day of buying a bunch of parsley for 2 stems in a recipe. This door to door service sends you refrigerated fresh parsley and just the amount you will need.

I know, whoa!

The key players in this game are Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated. It’s not for everyone but when it comes down to it convenience and the fresh food in proper portions with a full recipe card is appealing especially to keep things easy for all parties during the hectic weeks.

Although I have not personally tried them all – I am a Blue Apron subscriber and love it!. We always have backup for the kids just in case the meal is not a hit. Lifehacker wrote an article comparing the 3 services and had experience with all 3 so before you sign up you may want to take a read.

– Kristin Kane Ford
Guest Blogger, Former Nanny & Parker’s Mom

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