Summertime Blah’s

“I’m bored!” a quote by kids that we, as parents and yes even nannies, will hear once or twice this summer. How do you fix boredom for kids? Offer options. Not just your options but let them jump in on the action too and make it fun.

Knowing my kid is a typical boy and go, go, go from morning til night… I like to not only offer activity options but also a little structure to the day. It helps keep me sane and him busy within reason. Here are a few ideas:

NannyPay Blog Summer Acitivities

Plan a BIG Activity Each Month for the Summer

Remember as a kid looking forward to a trip over the summer to a theme park or beach or lake? Half the fun was the anticipation leading up to leaving.

Choosing your activity doesn’t mean you have to spend BIG money. Thanks to places like Groupon and online specials – you can save big money on your next excursion. To make it extra fun give clues each week/day leading up to a surprise activity.

Collaborate on Activity Ideas

This was always my personal favorite when we were kids coming up with fun things to do. Thanks to the expansion of the internet and Pinterest we have access to 100s of ideas. Here is a tip – let your kids think of ideas first, then help fill in gaps with online ideas.

Create an Activity Jar

This is the jar you and/or the nanny will had the kid(s) when the phrase “I’m bored.” comes out of their mouths. Don’t forget to make sure you have activities that will appeal to everyone and where appropriate consider time limits and take turns.

My Activity Jar. What’s in it? Well I have a toddler so toddler things like: coloring, finger painting, play-dough, building blogs, playing make believe, dungeons and dragons, car racing, build a fort, chalk, puzzles, story time, kid car wash, water balloon, sprinkler, baking cookies and a lot more.

Get started by decorating your jar(s), writing ideas on popsicle sticks – fill the jars and start picking your activity.

Create a Mini-Routine/Set Expectations

Kids thrive on routine. As parents and nannies what are your expectations of the kid(s). This is an opportunity when you get popped the question “I’m bored.” to respond with did you tackle your day to day? Run down the list of daily expectations. Based on the child’s age this might be chores or just minor things to follow routine. This can be as basic as: Brush your teeth, make your bed and put away toys all the way to reading for 30 minutes, practicing math and putting away laundry.

The great news is you can make just about anything fun!

Beat Summertime Boredom