4 Tips to Beat Summertime Boredom

Summertime Blah's “I’m bored!” a quote by kids that we, as parents and yes even nannies, will hear once or twice this summer. How do you fix boredom for kids? Offer options. Not just your options but let them jump in on the action too and make it fun. Knowing my kid is a typical boy and go, go, go from morning til night… I like to not only offer activity options but also a little structure to the day. It helps keep me sane and him busy within reason. Here are a few ideas: Plan a BIG Activity [...]

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A Time Warp or A Time Suck?

Modernizing your Nanny Time-card Technology Keeping it all straight is never easy in life or paying your employees. Especially when you have to log and track the daily and weekly hours of your nanny or household employees. When it comes time to cut a check you have to turn to the ‘timecard:’ what days did they work? and how long? Even if you pay your household employees every week or other week - keeping track of the hours put in can be a hassle. If your household employee is on salary there is no math needed, but sometimes it [...]

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Legal Rights as a Nanny & Home Employer

Pros & Cons of Being Paid Under the Table As a nanny or other type of in home caregiver, why should you insist on being paid legally rather than “under the table”? At first glance, the benefits of tax-free income may seem enticing but take a closer look at what you are losing and you will see that the trade off is far costlier. When you are paid “under the table” you are not officially an employee and hence, are automatically waiving all of the rights and protections the law affords to you as such. From a practical perspective, [...]

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Why You Should Want Your Employer to Pay You “Over the Table”

Injured on the Job as a Nanny Imagine the scenario, as the nanny you are playing with the child and trip over something falling and injure yourself leaving you unable to care for the child for a few weeks. Who pays for treatment and pays while you are not working? As a Workers’ Compensation Attorney, my number one reason for helping the injured worker is to get them workers’ compensation benefits that they may be entitled to. Let’s say that you are interviewed for a job in Pennsylvania, and are considering taking the position, but the employer advises that [...]

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Bloggy Boot Camp Philadelphia

Annual Bloggy Boot Camp What an amazing conference and group of women and a few brave men!  September is always a great kickoff to Fall and the end of the year push for a strong close. Women Get Social This event was unique for us at NannyPay as we not only were able to learn from the great panel of speakers but were also able to meet so many bloggers and Mom's who love DIY. We had a social media consultant, Kristin, mixing and mingling with bloggers during the 2-day conference. "It was so great to see so many [...]

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