In Need of a Full or Part-Time Nanny?

Nanny Job Description from NannyPay Software

Are you looking to hire a full-time or part-time nanny? When you are looking to hire in any industry the first thing to do is put together a job description. What will you be asking this person to do on a regular basis – the primary and secondary tasks?

For the most part, the care and well-being of your children are first and foremost. Secondary tasks include the day-to-day management of the home. Some families look for an all in one full-time nanny to care for all things at the home from laundry to errands to cleaning in addition to the care of the children. Other families focus solely on caring for the children, activities, and homework. Then of course there is always the in-between or special projects.

Getting your Home Organized with a Professional Nanny Service

Your nanny should fit your typical needs. Being upfront will help eliminate those that are not interested in everything or prefer to do everything. One thing we will caution you about is making sure you adequately pay your employees. If you are asking more of them then it is reasonable for them to expect the pay per hour or salary to be greater to reflect the work.

Googling the salaries of nannies in your area may range quite a bit. Do a little research to fit your budget and needs – the perfect fit is out there… honest is the best policy to find that person who is willing to put their heart into your family.

Nanny Job Description