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As a parent there are so many different options of childcare for you to pick from. It’s a huge pool of caregivers just waiting to be chosen. If you’re a first time parent it is even worse. Why? Because you don’t know what system, what type of person, or which level of childcare works best for your family. And everyone around you is going to have an opinion of what works best for you and why you should do it his or her way. We have broken down the different types of caregivers and listed the key differentiating points of each to help you, the parent, figure what works for you.


This is an individual who is typically involved in the everyday and more regular parts of family life. Some nannies will live in the house with the family others have a weekly schedule set up. A lot of times the nanny will cook, clean, or entertain the children. Sometimes nannies will have a background in child education and can develop enrichment programs while taking care of the kids.

Mother’s Helper

This is typically a younger child or someone who lives in your neighborhood that is looking to gain some basic work experience. They typically come over and assist the mother with the childcare or play and entertain the children while the mother is still home. If you are looking for a younger caregiver with a smaller price tag this is the best choice for you!


Need someone able to drive or who can help with homework or to help make date night go smoothly? A babysitter is perfect for you. Websites like sitter city or are great ways to find reliable and trustworthy babysitters if you don’t have one in mind already.

Au Pair

They are considered another member of your family. A lot of times they are foreign and the US family is the host to them. One way they differ from a nanny is first- state regulations. The family must find the Au pair through designated approved agencies by the US department of state. Second- they do not typically partake in household cleaning but they do embark in all other levels of childcare. This process might be a little more extensive but if you are looking for a more permanent addition to the family this is great for you.

Day Care Center

If you do not want another person in your home or want your children to be in a nonresidential environment and around other children a day care is great for you. At a day care the child will be exposed to educational events, games, food, and making friends. Some day cares can be pricy or have wait lists. Additionally, many day cares offer morning care, part-time, full-time, and pm care. The best way to find a day care that works for you is to ask friends, search and read reviews, and take tours of the facility during hours of operation to get a look at how the staff interact with the kids.

Summer Camps

There can be part time, or full time day camps and even sleep away camps dependent upon ages. This is a place for children to interact with other kids their age and learn to swim, play different sports, do arts and crafts and so forth.

What alternative to childcare do you use? What works best for your family? We’d love to hear from you.

As always, don’t forget the home care options and their tax implications. We’re hear to help with NannyPay!

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