NannyPay has Been Helping Families with Taxes for Almost Two Decades

If you are a first-time household employer, you’ve probably already learned that finding the “right” nanny or other household employee is a difficult task.

Although finding a trustworthy, competent household employee is your first priority, families who choose to hire their own household help will also need to understand the “nanny tax” laws, Social Security rules, and immigration regulations.

Understanding the Nanny Tax Laws

Are the NannyTax laws complicated? The surprising answer, is “No, not really”.

In our experience, most people who take the half hour or so to read the NannyPay Employer’s Guide, and maybe the IRS Household Employer’s Guide [Publication 926] as well, come away with a complete understanding of the law, and are pleasantly surprised that the “nanny tax” requirements were really not that hard to learn.

NannyPay’s Employer’s Guide

For almost two decades, NannyPay has been helping new employers, just like you, understand and comply with the law. NannyPay2’s detailed and easy to understand “Employer’s Guide” — prepared by people with first-hand experience grappling with the nuances of the “nanny tax” laws — provides insightful tips and guidance about what and how to pay.

To make life even easier, the NannyPay software package includes many necessary Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forms, as well as phone numbers of state revenue departments and unemployment compensation agencies you may need to contact to get started.

So it’s not really that hard, and you’ve come to the right place to get started!