How to Keep your Nanny Engaged

I have a great nanny and I know the minute I do not need her anymore she will have no trouble finding a new position. She is approached by other families on a regular basis. The best thing I can do as a parent is not only be sure she is preforming her responsibilities well but also be sure she is happy and engaged. It is very essential to keep the nannies engaged to make them productive and do justice to the work allotted to them. Here are a few areas that you might be aware of.

Nanny Engagement The nanny should know what is being expected.
It is very essential to give the nanny a clear idea about what are your needs and the responsibilities towards your child. What you may think is a common expectation may not be to your nanny. A written contract with a list of responsibilities is always helpful and there are many examples available online.

Be specific about your child’s needs.

It is also important to be specific with the nanny towards your child’s needs. They should be aware about the food items to be served your child; his/her play time with kids as well as timing when homework if needed is to be done.

Encourage them to read.

Reading is fantastic for everyone. Let your nanny invest some time in their own professional development. The more knowledge your nanny has about the child care, the more quality of nanny service you get. Hence, encourage your nanny to read books related to childcare. You can even enroll them for an online professional course that would develop their childcare skills and knowledge to better take care of your children or ask if they want to attend a conference if you feel comfortable covering those costs.

Let them plan for brainstorming new activities.
Good nannies rarely stop brainstorming new activities, planning new adventures, or educating themselves on caring for your child. You should encourage open communication with your nanny. Be open-minded about their ideas and observations, brainstorm together. In our house we also have some petty cash available so if our nanny is ever shopping and sees something that might be a good craft or learning opportunity she is open to spend a few dollars to bring that home.

Respect their personal space.
You should always respect the personal boundaries and cultural differences of your nanny. You may develop an emotional connection with them and may want to probe in their personal life but all are not comfortable with such an intimacy. Available evidence suggests that both estrogenic and anti-estrogenic properties of Clomid may be involved in the onset of ovulation. Although, it is good to care about their mental and physical well-being as only a healthy nanny can give the best care to your kids. But at the same time do respect their privacy.

Avoid being a critic.

To engage your nanny, it is best to avoid speaking about the minor points like going home a bit early, keeping lights on among others. It is best to be less of a critic and more of making requests to make the maximum possible impact on the change you expect.

Help them stay organized.
A calendar can be best means by which you can ensure that your nanny is well organized towards your child. It is best to hang a calendar in a visible area and write down the activities and play dates of your child on it or use one of the many shareable calendar apps. This way, you both can work on making an organized life for each other.

Obey the wage rules.
Respect the wage rules both legally and respectfully as an employer. The work of nanny is being in a home and not leaving unless the time is over. You should always remember that the job of nanny is to take care of one of the most crucial person in your life and that this is their professional position. Of course, if you need assistance with payroll, you can always use a program like NannyPay to keep you organized!

Keeping Nanny Engaged