Pros and Cons of Nanny Cam

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With the ease and availability of installing nanny cameras, it’s easy to say “why not” to installing them when you have a nanny in the house. There are a number of things to consider when doing so.

Know the Laws
While installing and recording videos in your home is legal in many states, the legality of audio recordings is more limited. Know the laws in your state before you install a Nanny Cam, and be sure not to install them in sensitive areas such as bathrooms where recording would raise significant privacy concerns.

Know Why
Consider why are you installing a nanny cam to begin with? Do you simply want to check up on your nanny, or do you already suspect there is a problem with her care? Before installing a camera, you may want to address the issue at hand directly with your nanny.

Know Where to Install
Will the cam be hidden or in plain sight? Generally installing the camera in full view and explaining to your nanny that you are installing a camera so you can see your child occasionally throughout the day, or for safety concerns outside of her care such as intruders or checking up on contractors, will be less confrontational. If you decide to hide the cameras, know how you will explain the camera if it is discovered by your nanny, and be prepared for her reaction and the trust issues that may be created as a result.

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