Managing Nanny Time NannyPayModernizing your Nanny Time-card Technology

Keeping it all straight is never easy in life or paying your employees. Especially when you have to log and track the daily and weekly hours of your nanny or household employees.

When it comes time to cut a check you have to turn to the ‘timecard:’ what days did they work? and how long? Even if you pay your household employees every week or other week – keeping track of the hours put in can be a hassle. If your household employee is on salary there is no math needed, but sometimes it is nice to know when they are going above and beyond with time so no one feels neglected.

What is the trick to keeping it all straight? Since we are a technology company we are going to turn to technology and yes another app to help us stay organized and not spend more time than we have to get our staff paid!

NannyPay App Simplifies Employer and Nanny Technology

A few NannyPay clients have shared apps they have used with their household employees so everyone is happy and paid. Here are 2 apps other NannyPay clients should consider sharing with their nannies to help keep things in order.

A simple app that allows your nanny or employee to clock in and out each day and send an email daily or weekly with the time worked. It will also store the information for reference if needed.

PUNCH SLIP App on iTunes
Also a simple all that allows you to clock in and out and email the report.

Ask your nanny to email their report daily or weekly – whatever is best for you.

Nanny Time Card Technology