Nanny Apps

Phone apps you can use while managing your nanny or other household employees. Great for nannies!

Family Locator

Always Know Where Your Children Are If your kids are with a nanny for portions of the day or they walk to school, if you are the “text me when you get home” mother, or even if you are just a little paranoid, you may want the Family Locator app. Whether your nanny is taking the baby to the park or zoo or you have an child with an active schedule, Family Locator can help put some of your mind at ease knowing where they are at all times. Family Locator App With the Family Locator app you can [...]

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Little Peanut On the Go

The "On the Go" App for the "On the Go" Mom Today we wanted to tell you about one of the best apps on the market for busy families… Little Peanut On the Go. If you an organized person (we all hope as a parent or nanny this is a characteristic you place pretty high on the “tell me about yourself”) you have just found your match made in childcare heaven. Little Peanut On the Go is a mobile app that lets its users manage multiple lifestyles on the go. You can create to-do lists, care schedules and routines, [...]

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A Time Warp or A Time Suck?

Modernizing your Nanny Time-card Technology Keeping it all straight is never easy in life or paying your employees. Especially when you have to log and track the daily and weekly hours of your nanny or household employees. When it comes time to cut a check you have to turn to the ‘timecard:’ what days did they work? and how long? Even if you pay your household employees every week or other week - keeping track of the hours put in can be a hassle. If your household employee is on salary there is no math needed, but sometimes it [...]

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Keeping in Touch with your Nanny

Staying in Touch with your Nanny without Being a Nuisance Days are busy. Time is short. The hand-off from nanny to parents is often quick and distracting with all the hellos, hugs and kisses. So what is the best way to stay in touch with your Nanny and the happenings of the day without seeming like a nag? Today's Technology for Today's Mom Why not turn to technology? That’s right - there is an APP for that! BABYCONNECT Is a paid app that will allow the parents and nannies to stay connected with the latest and greatest happenings [...]

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