Converting from Desktop to Cloud

Here’s how to get started:

1. Make sure you are running the most recent version of NannyPay2 desktop (Build 1135 or later).  Launch NannyPay2 and export a copy of your settings and transactions by selecting the “Export to NannyPay Cloud” command under the “File” menu. The file is called “” and should be saved to your desktop or another location that you will remember. Do not rename the file;

2. Visit our website at and login to your NannyPay customer Dashboard;

3. Click on “NannyPay Cloud” on the left vertical menu.  This will begin the process of creating your NannyPay Cloud beta account. After the process is complete, go back to the Dashboard and click on the “NannyPay Cloud” button again;

4. After accepting the license agreement, follow the instructions on the Welcome page for locating and importing the file you created in Step 1. PLEASE NOTE: After, you initiate the import process, you will be logged out of the Cloud application to permit the import process to complete.  This is a one-time process.

5. Wait a moment or two, and then click on the Cloud Beta tab again to log in to your NannyPay Cloud account.

Last updated on March 15, 2022
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