State Taxes as a Household Employer

What state taxes do I owe as a household employer, and will NannyPay help me with state taxes?

You will need to do some initial “legwork” to understand the specific requirements of your particular state, but NannyPay absolutely helps with state taxes. NannyPay includes the income tax withholding tables for all 50 states, so just select your state, and give the software your nanny’s correct withholding settings, and NannyPay will calculate and withhold the correct state income tax. NannyPay also has the withholding rates built-in for some larger cities as well.

Because states vary considerably on unemployment or disability requirements, you may need to check with your labor department for guidance; however, NannyPay can be configured to withhold or project your state labor tax obligations once you are assigned your specific rate.

Most states now require employers to report and pay online, and NannyPay’s comprehensive reporting feature will provide you all the information you should need to report and pay your state tax obligations.

Last updated on February 25, 2021
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