Vacations: Traveling with Your Nanny

For many of us especially in the northeast, we are just hoping for signs of spring. Don’t despair, spring and summer vacations are quickly approaching. Here a few tips if you plan on traveling with your nanny this season.

Tips for a Successful Trip with your Nanny

• Before leaving, set clear expectations of what is expected of your nanny while away including the hours worked.

• You should cover your nanny’s wages, travel time and costs such as airfare, hotel and meals.

• Labor laws are still in effect when you travel. Make sure you are familiar with pertinent federal and state rules for rest periods and the number of permitted consecutive work hours.

• Privacy may be important for the nanny. Be sure they are allowed some private time away from the family including a separate bedroom or hotel room if possible.

• Discuss what they may not know. What may be second nature to you may not be for your nanny. If traveling out of the country be sure they have an updated passport; if not, advise them about how to get a passport or update an expired one. Discuss packing: what they should pack for dress and how much. Assist with planning down time. If your nanny has free time, she might not know where to go or how to plan for activities.

• Show some appreciation. Travel may be stressful for everyone and traveling with someone else’s family while working can be even more stressful. Yes, they are being paid and maybe even traveling to a great destination but it is still work. Show your appreciation with a gift or gesture such as spa time to show her your appreciation.

Traveling with Nanny