Little Peanut on the Go App for busy families recommended on the NannyPay BlogThe “On the Go” App for the “On the Go” Mom

Today we wanted to tell you about one of the best apps on the market for busy families… Little Peanut On the Go. If you an organized person (we all hope as a parent or nanny this is a characteristic you place pretty high on the “tell me about yourself”) you have just found your match made in childcare heaven. Little Peanut On the Go is a mobile app that lets its users manage multiple lifestyles on the go. You can create to-do lists, care schedules and routines, and connect the parent with the child if they are away. The app was created by a mother, who states on the main website, “there was a better way to manage on the go lifestyles”.

Create To-Do’s, Schedules, Routines, and More!

Are you a parent or childcare personnel and feel like you need this app? Simply go to the App Store or Google Play and start the free download to your device. Once you have created the account, follow the Planning Guide where you will find usage options. Here you choose to create the “plan” for the babysitter, nanny, weekend helper, or regular caregiver. Next, the Family Setup page, information such as emergency contacts, doctors, dentist, medical facilities used, meal schedules, medications, bedtime routines, and so much more can be entered on this page. Once the family is created, now you make the plan! In the plan you can include lists and schedules. When you have completed the account set up, you can share this information with your nanny or caregiver via email or through the application. As a bonus feature, you can add pet care too! Below is the link to the company website where you can find a tutorial video and a boatload of information regarding the app and the best ways to manage your life on the go!
Little Peanut on the Go App Screen Shots