Missing Setup Wizard

I’ve updated NannyPay2 after clicking “Check for Updates” under the software’s “Help” menu (Windows) or the “NannyPay2” menu (Mac). When I run NannyPay2 for the first time after updating, the Setup Wizard does not disappear. Have I lost my data?

Typically, this problem occurs if you have not installed the updater before opening NannyPay2. The update process consists of 4 basic steps: (1) check for updates; (2) if there is an update available, choose download update; (3) manually install the update downloaded by your browser; and (4) launch NannyPay2, which automatically populates with your data. If you skip step 3, when you open NannyPay2 the setup wizard shows and stalls. If this happens, close NannyPay2 and install the updater. If you installed the updater and your software still stalls on the setup wizard, please contact techsupport@nannypay.com to schedule a technical support phone call.

Last updated on February 25, 2021
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