Injured on the Job as a Nanny

Imagine the scenario, as the nanny you are playing with the child and trip over something falling and injure yourself leaving you unable to care for the child for a few weeks. Who pays for treatment and pays while you are not working?

As a Workers’ Compensation Attorney, my number one reason for helping the injured worker is to get them workers’ compensation benefits that they may be entitled to. Let’s say that you are interviewed for a job in Pennsylvania, and are considering taking the position, but the employer advises that you will be paid under the table, with the income not being reported to the IRS, or any state or local taxing authority. It is highly recommended that you not take this position, not only because this is tax evasion, but also, you want to make sure that the employer has you “on the books” issuing a W-2 as an employee, which requires them to carry workers’ compensation insurance for all of their employees, which is required by law in Pennsylvania and other states.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you should happen to suffer a work-related injury while working for pay “under the table”, not only are you at risk that the employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, but also, your treatment for your injury may or may not be covered by your personal health insurance, if you have any. Anytime you received treatment and it is submitted to your personal health insurance, that carrier has the right to ask how your injury occurred. They can send you documentation asking you if the injury was a result of a motor vehicle accident, personal injury potential litigation, or as a result of a work injury. You have to answer these questions honestly in order for your personal insurance to go after the proper carrier for reimbursement to them for any monies paid on your claim.

If you or a loved one finds themselves in such a situation where employment in Pennsylvania is offered with payment “under the table”……think again.

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PA Worker’s Compensation Attorney
Paula Robinson, Esq. has been practicing for 28 years in a wide variety of jurisdictions within Pennsylvania. Paula has worked for employers and insurance companies, and applies that knowledge of the system to serve her current clients–disabled and injured workers. Ms. Robinson has vast experience with the inter-workings of the PA workers’ compensation system. Paula Robinson is an aggressive, yet compassionate lawyer who fights for her clients’ rights and is well aware of the strategies of the defense lawyers working for the employers and their big insurance companies. With experience as a defense lawyer in workers’ compensation cases, Paula has first hand knowledge and experience with the insurance companies. excessive sweating, motor arousal, anxiety, sleep disorders, headache and muscle pain, tension, fatigue, disorientation, irritability. Read more at This experience provides Paula a distinct competitive advantage to maximize the recoveries for her current clients–injured and disabled workers.

If you or a loved one does suffer a work injury of any kind, contact Robinson Law LLC for a free initial consultation to learn about your rights as an injured worker.

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